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Sketchy tiiime :iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 1 0
Page trade | It's a trap
Sara sighed and dropped onto the grass. Her brown hair entangled and her bright blue eyes squinting. She looked up, staring unfocused at the green leaves, which were quietly rustling. She was exhausted. She and her friend Hiro had been out and about all day long. He had been trying to teach her how to use the sword she had gotten from him. The sword was heavy, the metal blade shining bright in the sunlight. Sara's arms felt sore and heavy, they were shaking. Sara was drawing breaths quickly. She sat up with difficulty and looked at Hiro.
"Can we stop for today," she panted, "please?"
"Alright," Hiro smiled at her.
His dark blue eyes were sparkling and his blonde ponytail was swaying slightly in the wind. His precious dark brown colored Solaris Derek wagged his tail, while he was chewing on a stick.
"You were doing pretty good for your first time," Hiro said, while sheathing his sword, "you still have a lot to learn though."
Sara smiled up at him. Then all of a sudden, out of the bushes
:iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 1 0
The Clan - Ch.5 P.3 More than one?
Suddenly an alarm started ringing. It was so loud, it hurt Seth's ears. He covered his earwing with one hand, while his other was still being held by Saber, bleeding badly. Saber looked around, looking for the source of the ringing. In one of the trees, at the edge of the village, an Akutora was ringing the bell.
Saber spit out Seth's arm and leaped towards the tree. He climbed in and within one slash he killed the Akutora. Saber had attacked so quickly, the man hadn't even seen him coming. The ringing had stopped, but Seth saw that women in the village rushed inside their houses and a few Akutora men grabbing their weapons.
Saber cursed loudly.
"They were prepared, fucking pests," he said.
Saber rushed towards the village, eager to kill every single individual in it. He had completely forgotten Seth was there. Seth hid behind a tree and looked at the Akutora men, attacking Saber. Saber was too big, too strong. He hit every single one of the with his giant claws, slamming them into hou
:iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 2 1
CE: Chaos is an Angel :iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 3 0 Ferluci :iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 4 0
The Clan - Ch.5 P.2 Drag along
Seth followed the Akumilodon like always, but kept looking back at where the cave was supposed to be. He was worried about Kate, being all alone. They had never left her there on her own and he was worried about if she could actually take care of herself.
"Where are we going?" Seth asked, trying to sound brave. He failed, he could hear his voice tremble.
"We're going to Ozmone, the plain clan."
"And what will we do there?"
"We'll kill the clan leader," Saber smirked, "and you, Blue, will help me."
Seth felt a shot of adreline rush through his body. He suddenly realised why Saber left Kate behind.
The smell of blood did something to Seth, he didn't know why or how. It made him go insane, kill others. The only blood that could make him snap out of his killing spree, was Kate's. Seth had never loved and cared for someone this much. She had been in his life for so long now. The only one, longer present in his life, was Saber.
"You asshole!" Seth shouted at Saber.
Seth stopped following the
:iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 1 0
Clutch 6 - Seamus X Kate :iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 4 5 Clutch 5 - Selene X Quetzalcoatl :iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 4 10 Clutch 4 - Ran X Cerith :iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 7 2 Pearl :iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 3 0 Jon :iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 4 0 Happy Birthday to AngelDemon89 :iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 3 1
The Clan - Ch.5 P.1 Throwback
Seth slowly walked towards the cave in his tiger form. He saw Kate standing in the opening of the cave, also in tiger form with her back towards him. Her eyes were closed. She had kept her promise to him, the promise that she would keep smiling. A promise they made, after Seth had blacked out and attacked her. And in return, he had promised her that he would try to remain calm when he smelled blood.
After Seth had killed Kate's father, Kate had attacked Saber. Saber had smashed Kate away from in and slammed her into a wall. She had been unconscious for several hours. This was enough time to take her with them to the cave. Then, when she had woken up, Seth quickly figured out that Kate had lost her memory. She didn't remember what Seth had done. She didn't even remember who she was. After the events in the forest clan, Seth had developed a second personality. One he wasn't aware of, until the day he had blacked out and attacked Kate. Saber told both Kate and Seth about "his little probl
:iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 0 0
Takaroa :iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 3 0
The Clan - Ch.4 P.3 Help
She grabbed the crying Arza out of Kal's arms and ran to the outskirds of the town. She looked around and started calling out towards someone. Kal, who had followed her, looked up at his mother in wonder.
"Please! You have to help me!"
Kal looked around as well, but didn't see anyone. Did his mother just lose her mind?
"I know you're out there!"
Suddenly bushes started to rustle and a tall young man came out of them. He walked towards them, looked at Arza for a few seconds and then gestured that they should come with him. Kal looked up at the tall man. He was wearing a long robe with fur on the edges. His brown hair was somewhat long and tied back in a tail. Some grey hairs were showing. He had bags under his eyes. He appeared so calm, yet walked pretty fast. Kal had to run to keep up with him.
They reached a small cave, in which a small fire was build. There was also a large table, made out of rocks. The man gestured to it with his hand. Kal's mother laid Arza on the table. Arza had b
:iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 1 0
The Clan - Ch.4 P.2 Hugs
She walked towards the door and looked outside. All the men had gathered outside. They were all attacking a great, white Akuseibato, known as Saber. The animal was hard to kill and extremely strong. When any man attacked him, Saber knew exactly how to counter attack him and send them flying away from him.
Suddenly, Arza started moving a lot in her mother's arms. Her mother tried to hold her close, but eventually Arza got lose and ran away from her mother.
"No!" she cried after her daughter.
The child ran towards where the men were fighting Saber. Kal tried to run after his sister, but his mother held him back.
"But mom!"
"Stay here, baby."
Kal looked up at his mother. He had never seen her so scared.
Arza's father saw her coming close towards the fight. He ran towards her and stopped her.
"What are you doing?"
"It's fluffy," she pointed towards Saber.
"You can't come near him swe-"
"Well, well, a child in the middle of a fight," a voice said behind him.
The father turned and looked Sab
:iconthelittlenymph:TheLittleNymph 1 0
So since I've noticed that only 3 people care about me probably not coming back to this account I'm not going to feel guilty about saying this. After reading this, go ahead and call me names or block me if you feel attacked or whatever. I stopped caring.

A long LONG time I've been keeping this mainly to myself and to close friends. and when I mean a long time, I mean probably as long as I can remember. I've had this account for 7 years or so (only been active for 4 years, but that's beside the point). And ever since I started there's been drama involved. And drama is something I don't want in my life. And when I mean drama, I mean people who post things like "nobody will care if I die" or "I'm so depressed -sob sob-". PLEASE JUST GO AND SEE A PSYCHIATRIST. Stop bothering me and other people with YOUR problems, seriously.

Yes, this account will stay open. I will keep coming back. BUT, there's something that needs to change. And if others are not willing to change, than I guess I'll have to do so. Therefore I'm going to delete loads of art. I'm going to delete loads of people I watch and loads of groups I stopped caring for long ago. This account will feature loads less of pokemon and more of my own character stuff. So if you're not interested in this or my art, just please leave.


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