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A beatiful day in Twillight Town. Everything was normal, except for that there were fourteen hearts falling down. Kingdom Hearts gave all the Nobodies a heart.
Xemnas was in his room, reading a letter he got from Saïx about Axel. Then, a heart inserted itself in Xemnas. There was a bright light. Xemnas felt weird.
Xigbar was practicing his shoot-technics just when a heart inserted itself in Xigbar.
Xaldin was flying around with his six spears. A heart flew towards him and inserted.
Vexen was just skating on the ice when a heart inserted.
And so it happened to all the Organization members. They got a heart, finally! Xemnas called all the members.
"We all got a heart. You can go your own way from now on!"
Everyone was happy. Vexen, Lexaeus and Zexion decided to live together in one house.
So did Luxord, Saïx and Xemnas. And ofcourse Axel and Roxas.
Larxene felt alone. No-one wanted to live with her in one house. Marluxia walked towards her.
"You okay?" He looked at her.
"I'm fine. Thank you." She smiled. It was a lie. She felt that no-one wanted to be her friend.

The last heart was searching. Even Xemnas didn't knew which soul this heart would get. This heart flew towards the White Mansion where Naminé was drawing. The heart inserted itself in her. She didn't know why, but she felt that she had to go to town. There she found Roxas and Axel. When she saw Roxas, she felt hot.
"Hi Naminé. Axel and I are searching for a house. Want to live with us?"
"Yes, I would love that." and she walked to the two boys.

Larxene was walking through Twillight Town while she was deep in thought.
'Why does no-one want to live with me in one house? Did I do something wrong? I don't know' She sighed.
She saw Roxas, Axel and Naminé walking. She sighed again.
'You see. They have friends. Why don't I have some.'
Larxene jumped. She didn't expect that someone would say anything to her.
"Uh...Hi, Axel"
"You was thinking about something, wasn't you?" he smiled
"Jeesh, not much words today?"
"No, I was wondering...err"
"Say, with who are you going to live? I bet Marluxia" he laughed
"Oh...with who?"
"Nobody wants to live with me" she cried. Tears streamed down her cheeks.
Axel looked at Roxas and Naminé. Roxas walked towards Larxene.
"How about living with us?"
Axel looked at Naminé. Her eyes were wide.
"Really Roxas?" Larxene wiped away some tears with her sleeve.
"Yes" He smiled at her.
"Oh thank you thank you thank you! I'm so happy!" She held Roxas in a tight hug.

After a few hours searching, they found a house. It was big enough but it had only two bed-rooms.
"We can buy it" Roxas looked at the house "But what about the bedrooms?"
"I know something. We buy two two-person beds." Larxene smiled.
Roxas started to laugh "Yeah...And you'll share your bed with Axel?"
"Why not? Then, you can share a bed with Naminé" Larxene said. Naminé blushed
"Fine" Roxas turned to Axel "Let's see who will hold it out longer, Axel?"
"I always refuse a challange, but I take this one" He laughed
To Be Continued

This story is most about Larxene ( why do you think my name is TheSavageNymph? )
I'm not so good at english, so please, if you something that isn't right, please tell me =D
Thank you for reading

characters: Square Enix
story: Meee! =D
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not so long. This is just a kind of practice for my english...
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